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Indian Beach Real Estate

Indian Beach Lifestyle & History

Incorporated in 1973, the town of Indian Beach boasts a population of 92 permanent residents. This upscale town appeals to tourists during the summer season and visitors abound. Indian Beach is named as such because right before the town decided to incorporate; a couple of Indian Burial mounds were discovered here.

The lush maritime forest can be seen along the road as you drive through Indian Beach. An interesting fact worth noting is that Indian Beach is in fact on both sides of its neighbor Salter Path. When the residents decided to incorporate, they asked Salter Path to join them, but they decided not to merge with Indian Beach. Therefore, Salter Path is nestled in the middle with Indian Beach to the east and to the west. Indian Beach simply incorporated around them! There is a single highway that passes through the area, highway 58. This highway winds its way to the town of Indian Beach, and a little over a mile later comes to the town of Salter Path. If you continue down Highway 58, in less than a mile you will again find yourself in Indian Beach.

Indian Beach has a turtle program that is not run by the town but is instead staffed by volunteers who work in conjunction with the North Carolina Aquarium at nearby Pine Knoll Shores as well as the Bogue Banks Sea Turtle Project. The Bogue Banks Sea Turtle Project is a branch of the NC Wildlife Resources Commission and is dedicated to studying and protecting the nesting population of sea turtles on the island of Bogue Banks. When it is loggerhead turtle egg-laying season the group goes out and marks the sites where the turtles are nesting ensuring that the endangered species is not disturbed. After carefully marking the nests, the volunteers come back when it is time for the baby turtles to “boil” (hatch). Most definitely worth a quick trip to the area, you can find out when the turtles are scheduled to hatch and call a local vacation rental agency such as Bluewater Vacation Rentals for nightly last-minute accommodations so you can see the baby turtle hatching for yourself.

Indian Beach has planned development district areas. Driving down highway 58 the lush maritime forest hides the residential areas so that one would never know anything was there unless they turned off of the highway. In trying to save the maritime forest abundant in the town, they have imposed a law that does not allow you to cut more than 35% of your lot. Considering that these lots are 30,000 square feet at a minimum in these sections, it’s no wonder the area is astonishingly beautiful. Consequently with maritime forests all around this town boasts some very elite homes where famous people live. Filled with exclusive subdivisions, Indian Beach will soon be home to 400 luxury oceanfront/sound front condominiums.

Indian Beach accommodations include resort condominiums, motels, and campgrounds on the ocean and sound shaded by flourishing maritime forest. The public beach access offers showers and bathrooms along with picnic tables where you can enjoy your picnic lunch. The wooden walkway out to the beach leads over white sand dunes onto soft sandy beach and emerald green waters. Come and enjoy this lovely seaside community for yourself.